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The Madison Chronicles

I’m currently seeking agency representation for Sadie Madison and the Boy In The Crimson Scarf, the first book in The Madison Chronicles: a dark faerietale / fantasy adventure series for ages 12+

Sadie Madison cannot forget. Anything.

After discovering that she is a descendant of theNarrowers— arcane spirits who guard the dimensions where all forgotten memories reside— Sadie masters a strange and beautiful music that propels her best friend into a psychotic rage and reveals the secrets of her family’s dark past.

Packed with music, memory, monsters, magic, secrets and betrayal, The Madison Chronicles is a must for fans of His Dark Materials, Harry Potter, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and the works of Neil Gaiman.
“The child that wields untold power and dominion will be the firstborn, of the firstborn, fallen from the highest. For the child that takes everything we hold dear, and locks it away for all time, is the child that puts her fear aside, and leads the others into darkness.”

Throughout The Madison Chronicles Sadie is read bedtime stories by her father Michael.

They include The Witch Tree at San Cristophe, The Woman Who Labelled Everything, and The Princess In The Threadbare Gown. But is there more to Michael Madison’s bedtime stories than myth, legend and make-believe?

Michael Madison’s bedtime stories

Read the first of Michael Madison’s scary bedtime stories from the Madison Chronicles: The Witch Tree at San Cristophe

Check out the second bedtime story from the Madison Chronicles: The Woman Who Labelled Everything

And here is the third and final bedtime story from the Madison Chronicles: The Princess In The Threadbare Gown

Maps and floorpans

Here are the floorpans for Number 5 Leviathan Crook, Iron Bridge, Norland. This is the house where Sadie Madison lives with her family in The Madison Chronicles. Below, a map of Iron Bridge, a small town on the River Myr nestle deep in the Shadow Valley.

Music for the Madison Chronicles

After reading The Madison Chronicles, composer and performer Christopher Jenkins has written and recorded four pieces of music inspired by the the story. Both Chris and I hope you enjoy them!