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Unlock the power of music,
magic, and memory.

Since the first secret was lost, ruthless spirits known as the Narrowers have collected and stored every forgotten hope, promise, and memory in a boundless dimension known as the Narrowing Vent.

Now, in a time of great change and unease, where faith is forbidden, and merciless souls watch from the shadows, Sadie Madison performs a haunting piano melody, unheard for an age. The music drives her best friend into a psychotic rage and reveals the secrets to her family’s dark past. Sending ripples through the Vents, the melody alerts the Narrowers of Sadie’s ability to access every lost thought, memory, and secret concealed within.

Anxious and afraid, Sadie must find a way to cure her best friend, escape her family, and evade the Narrowers, before an ancient evil steals her incredible power for his own.

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His Dark Materials meets The Mortal Engines in Neil J Hart’s award-winning fantasy adventure where the fabric of reality is threatened by those who would give their lives to glimpse the past and kill to see the future.

“A chilling steampunk urban fantasy about music, magic, and memory. Truly accomplished and outstandingly transportive, The Madison Chronicles hits all the dark notes!”
Christopher Jenkins – Twitter

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