Sadie Madison and the Boy in the Crimson Scarf

My Wattpad 2022 award-winning story, Sadie Madison and the Boy In The Crimson Scarf is the first book in The Madison Chronicles: a dark fantasy adventure series for young adult readers.

* * *

Unlock the power of music,
magic, and memory.

Sadie Madison cannot forget. Anything.

After discovering that she is a descendant of the Narrowers—ruthless spirits who collect all forgotten memory—Sadie performs a spellbinding piano melody, unheard for an age. The music drives Sadie’s best friend into a psychotic rage. Uncovers the secrets to her families dark past. And alerts the Narrowers of her power to access every lost thought, memory, and secret. Anxious and afraid, Sadie must find a way to save her best friend and evade the Narrowers, before an ancient evil steals her burgeoning power for his own.

* * *

Packed with music, memory, monsters, magic, secrets and betrayal, The Madison Chronicles is a must for fans of His Dark Materials, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, Neil Gaiman, and Phillip Reeve’s Mortal Engines saga.

Sadie Madison and the Boy in the Crimson Scarf
“A chilling steampunk urban fantasy about music, magic, and memory. Truly accomplished and outstandingly transportive, The Madison Chronicles hits all the dark notes!”

Christopher Jenkins Twitter @cpgjenkins

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