Harper Hale
and the
Crystal of Shadows

It’s The School for Good and Evil.
On Deep Space Nine.
It’s Hogwarts in space!

Harper Hale is the first human to secure a place at the Galactic Institute—the most prestigious finishing school in the SpiralVerse—but her dreams of becoming a mystical Caster dissolve when she is classified VOID.

Heartbroken and homesick, Harper pursues an enigmatic Revan on a series of illegal interplanetary adventures while students begin to go missing, a ferocious Civil War erupts, and a dark enemy surfaces.

Harper Hale is lightyears from home, with terrible grades, and classified: VOID. She’s dangerously under qualified to save the galaxy, but she just might be our only hope.

Packed with adventure, betrayal, space battles, interspecies romance, challenging cuisine, and mind-boggling science lessons, The SpiralVerse Saga is a must for fans of The Aurora Cycle, Skyward, Harry Potter, and the Star Wars saga.

SpiralVerse Saga Harper Hale

Coming September 2025

“Being Chewbacca in Ravenclaw isn’t so bad.
At least I’m not Jar Jar Binks in Hufflepuff”
Harper Hale The Galactic Institute

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