04 JUNE 2024

“Clever, beautiful, and somehow simultaneously adorable and heartbreaking.”
Twitter @winterandwords

When the human race faces extinction, the scarecrows will rise.

Erin loved to build scarecrows. She made a dozen in all. Her Pa showed her how. But he’s dead now. Everyone is dead.

Well… almost.

The Many Years Storm ravaged the world, swept Erin’s brother out to sea, and turned her hilltop farm into a rapidly shrinking island. While hope remains, Erin must take her chances on the open ocean and rescue her brother. But she doesn’t have the strength to build a boat and there’s no-one left to help except the last and most terrifying of all her scarecrows… Number Twelve!

Erin needs help.
Scratch that. Erin needs a miracle.

Return to Oz meets The Nightmare Before Christmas in my award-winning adorably terrifying fantasy adventure where climate change has flooded the earth, destroyed humanity, and ushered in a grave new world.

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