When the human races faces extinction, the scarecrows will rise!

Return to Oz meets The Nightmare Before Christmas in Neil J Hart’s award-winning adorably terrifying fantasy adventure where climate change has flooded the earth, destroyed humanity, and ushered in a grave new world!

Climb aboard and join the adventure by seizing The Last Scarecrow today!

The Last Scarecrow Cover 2024

“Clever, beautiful, and somehow simultaneously adorable and heartbreaking.”
Winter Simpson, Twitter

“Hart’s narrative sweeps readers off their feet, immersing them in a world of heart-stopping adventure, pulse-pounding suspense, and unexpected twists and turns.”
Sazerina, Goodreads

“Damn. This book is store quality.”
plaugerisms, Wattpad

“Oh my heart. It’s so beautiful. I will never look at scarecrows the same again!”
chancesarelow, Wattpad

The Last Scarecrow Cover 2024
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