04 JUNE 2024!

When the human race faces extinction, the scarecrows will rise.

Return to Oz meets The Nightmare Before Christmas in my award-winning adorably terrifying fantasy adventure where climate change has flooded the earth, destroyed humanity, and ushered in a grave new world!

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The Last Scarecrow Cover 2024
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Hello. I’m Neil J Hart. Award-winning author.

This is the home of my fantasy, sci-fi, and horror stories filled with danger, adventure, and heart.
Neil J Hart author writer

I grew up in Surrey, England. I spent most of my childhood dancing and acting, learning musical instruments, building vast Lego cities and infuriating domino rallies, creating board games and secret societies.

But it wasn’t until I discovered Ian Livingstone’s Fighting Fantasy books and Terry Pratchett’s life-changing Discworld novels, that he fell in love with reading and writing.

I’ve been writing and querying books to agents for many years. Mostly to a mixed response. Finally, my young adult novels Sadie Madison and the Boy in the Crimson Scarf and The Last Scarecrow both won at the Wattys in 2022 an 2021 respectively. Since then I’ve had thousands of reads of Wattpad. Hundreds of fantastic messages from readers and writers. Even some fan art. It’s been emotional.

I’m currently querying the first book in a new sci-fi adventure series Harper Hale and the Crystal of Shadows. I’m also working on sequels to Sadie Madison and The Last Scarecrow.

As well as writing, I work as a graphic designer. I foster for Cats Protection (see my social media for epic #catsagram posts). Run marathons. Rely on coffee. Adore a perfectly made cheese and cucumber sandwich. And collect Tomb Raider / Lara Croft memorabilia.

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