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Twelve Erin

The Last Scarecrow

Erin loved to build scarecrows.
She made a dozen in all.
Her Pa showed her how.
But he’s dead now.
Everyone is dead.
The Many Years Storm saw to that.

Now, as the human race faces extinction, the Scarecrows will rise…

Ive read this book and it is AMAZING. Its clever, beautiful and somehow simultaneously adorable and heartbreaking.

Winter Simpson
Twitter @winterandwords

Winner at the Wattpad Awards 2021
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Sadie Madison

The Madison Chronicles

(His Dark Materials / Cogheart)
Young Adult dark faerietale / fantasy adventure series.

Sadie Madison cannot forget. Anything. Connected to The Vents (a dimension where all forgotten memories reside), Sadie conjurors a strange music that unearths the secrets to a prophecy set to rip The Vents apart.
Harper hale

SpiralVerse Saga

(Harry Potter / Star Wars)
Young Adult science-fiction adventure.

Harper Hale is the first human to enrol at the Galactic Institute, a school on the other side of the Galaxy. Learning strange languages and meeting weird classmates is hard enough but when she accidentally stirs into a century-old blood feuds things take a turn towards Civil War!