I'm currently seeking agency representation for...

Sadie Madison

The Madison Chronicles

(His Dark Materials / Cogheart)
Young Adult dark faerietale / fantasy adventure series.

Sadie Madison cannot forget. Anything. Connected to The Vents (a dimension where all forgotten memories reside), Sadie conjurors a strange music that unearths the secrets to a prophecy set to rip The Vents apart.
Harper hale

SpiralVerse Saga

(Harry Potter / Star Wars)
Young Adult science-fiction adventure.

Harper Hale is the first human to enrol at the Galactic Institute, a school on the other side of the Galaxy. Learning strange languages and meeting weird classmates is hard enough but when she accidentally stirs into a century-old blood feuds things take a turn towards Civil War!
Twelve Erin

The Last Scarecrow

(Return to Oz / Mad Max)
MG post-apocalyptic / fantasy adventure.

After a flood kills almost every living thing, a scarecrow awakes. With the help of Erin (her creator), she takes a perilous journey across the ocean, battling wickermen and mannequins, in search of her missing scarecrow sisters.

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