I used to hate books.

I grew up watching films. Lots of films. Every Saturday and Sunday morning I would get up hours before my parents and watch two or three movies: Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Back To The Future were on regular rotation. My sisters had a say too, so I’ve watched The Sound of Music and Annie more times than I care to count. Books, were never something I reached for until I discovered Ian Livingstone’s Fighting Fantasy series. That changed everything.

I still watched hundreds of movies, but now books were just as important. Once I discovered Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels I was turned for good. Terry made me love books. He made me want to write books.

My first novel, Spritz, a black comedy set in Wales about hopes and dreams, came out in late 2006. Since then I’ve moved away from comedy (which for a time I thought would be my genre), seduced by fantasy and science-fiction. I’m currently working on The Madison Chronicles: a series of novels about Sadie Madison– a wistful, twelve-year-old girl who cannot forget– her imaginary friend Oliver, and their adventures into the mysteries of theVents– an empyreal dimension where all forgotten memories reside. Book One is currently being sent to agents while I plot and write the second.

I’m writing / editing three other books, too.

  • The Last Scarecrow, a MG apocalyptic / adventure novel, about the end of humanity and the rise of the Scarecrows.
  • Shadowling, a YA retro sci-fi / horror novel, about monsters and falling in love.
  • Dark Kings, a YA dark fantasy / real world cross over set in the city between life and death.

I currently work part-time as a graphic / web designer and musician. I run marathons, collect Tomb Raider and Star Wars memorabilia and read lots of books. Lots.

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