I’m currently seeking agency representation for my dark faerietale / fantasy adventure series The Madison Chronicles.

If you’re an Agent (hello!), please click the links for book and contact details or see below. Sample chapters and one-page synopsis available so get in touch…


Sadie Madison and the
Boy In The Crimson Scarf

The Madison Chronicles: a five book dark faerietale / fantasy adventure for ages 10 and upwards. The first book, Sadie Madison and the Boy In The Crimson Scarf, follows 12-year-old Sadie Madison— and her imaginary friend Oliver— as she hunts for the location of Hurtmore House (a mysterious hospital for troubled children) and answers to a terrifying prophecy known as theForetelling…

Throughout The Madison Chronicles Sadie is read bedtime stories, including The Witch Tree at San Cristophe (FREE extract), by her father Michael to help her sleep.

Will Sadie find her way to Hurtmore House?
Will she uncover the truth about theForetelling and her place within it?
And is there more to Michael Madison’s bedtime stories than myth and legend and make-believe?

Packed with monsters, magic, secrets and betrayal, The Madison Chronicles is a must for fans of His Dark Materials and Harry Potter.

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Alan Partridge meets the League of Gentlemen. Directed by Edgar Wright and a young George Lucas. A black comedy / crime-caper / supernatural novel set in Swansea, Wales.

Bob Flint is a man with a dream. A dream of running his own bar: Bob’s Bar.

The only trouble is, since he married Maggie Flint he hasn’t had any money, drive or ambition. So, after an horrendous accident with a whiskey bottle, Maggie goes into a coma and Bob discovers her secret life insurance policy just waiting to be collected. With money from local loan sharks borrowed against his imminent windfall, Bob sets to work making his dream a reality.

Can Bob stop drinking long enough achieve his dream?
Will the suspicious circumstances of Maggie’s coma arouse Police interest?
And, more importantly, is Maggie actually going to die?

Bob Flint us a man with another dream. A dream of making out of this one alive.

“Highly imaginative, and very much of our time, here is a book to delight with its wit and startling humour.” Tillet Press

Contains strong language / adult themes

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