I was born in Epsom, Surrey, during the hottest summer since records began.

I’ve lived in Surrey for most of my life (with periods in the North and South West for University). As a child I studied ballet, tap and modern dancing, then turned my attention to sport. I ran cross-country and 1500 metres for Surrey before moving to music. Thinking I’d found my calling, I trained at the Guildhall and DrumTech as a kit drummer and percussionist. A defining moment came when I managed to drown out the entire orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall (during a performance of my beloved Star Wars) by hitting a ten foot tam-tam (gong) with all my might.

Through all this, stories and writing were with me and so, after another frustrating foray into music at University, I turned my attention to words.

In late 2006, after completing a degree in Performance Writing, my debut novel Spritz – a black comedy cocktail of soap opera desperation and Hollywood dreams – was published. A subsequent audio book deal was struck in 2008 (with Joyful Productions) and Spritz is now available on Kindle, too. Plans for sequels to Spritz including ‘Banana Spritz‘ and ‘Planet Spritz‘ have been plotted, but are currently on hold. I’m hoping to reprise the tales of Bob Flint in the near future.

I’m currently working on a dark faerietale / fantasy adventure series called ‘The Madison Chronicles‘ for ages 9-12 and up. It centres around a girl called Sadie Madison who cannot forget, her imaginary friend Oliver and their journey into the mysteries of theVents: an Empyreal Dimension where all forgotten memories reside. Book One ‘Sadie Madison and the Boy In The Crimson Scarf‘ is finished and out with agents. I’m a third of the way through the second book in the series ‘Sadie Madison and the Bounty Hunter’s Apprentice‘.

I currently work part-time as a graphic / web designer and musician. I run marathons, collect Tomb Raider memorabilia and read lots of books.

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